Certificate ISO 9001:2015


Lamphun Plastpack Co., Ltd. is dedicated to adhering to international and global standards in the design and manufacturing of plastic packaging products. We are committed to continuously improving quality to provide our customers with quality products, best service and responsiveness.

We are committed to providing


through internal company communication efforts. The quality policy will be communicated to all employees and reviewed by executive management annually.


Lamphun Plastpack Co., Ltd. acknowledges its environmental impact and is committed to the intentional design and manufacturing of plastic packaging with a focus on conserving energy and utilizing natural resources responsibly.

To mitigate our environmental impact, we pledge to:

  1. Continuously assess and reduce the environmental impact of our company’s activities.
  2. Implement procedures to minimize waste in all processes and promote recycling.
  3. Encourage energy-saving practices within our company’s operations.
  4. Adhere to relevant environmental laws and regulations, as well as customer requirements.
  5. Communicate the environmental policy and other related activities to all employees.
  6. Make our environmental policy and the status of our environmental activities publicly available.
Certificate ISO 14001:2015


Lamphun Plastpack Co., Ltd. has been certified as a Level 3 Green Industry under the Green System by the Ministry of Industry (Thailand). This certification is a result of systematic environmental management practices, continuous performance assessment, and reviews for ongoing improvement. In addition, we have also been honored with a certificate as an industrial establishment operating in accordance with environmental ethics from the Environmental Governance Project under the Ministry of Industry (Thailand).

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